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Performer: Clarence Ashley
Instrumentation: Banjo
Date of recording: 1930
Record label: Columbia
Serial #:15654D(WI94982)


(As summarized by Harry Smith, The Anthology Of American Folk Music) "WIFE AND MOTHER FOLLOWS CARPENTER TO SEA; MOURNS BABE AS SHIP GOES DOWN" (2)

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This song is a rendition of Child Ballad #243 (James Harris-The Daemon Lover), it is most like version "B" of said ballad. There is also a Broadside version of this ballad from 1685 (later reprinted in c. 1711-1732) entitled "A Warning for Married Women.Being an Example of Mrs. Jane Reynolds (a weſt-country-Woman) born neer Plimouth who having plighted her troth to a Seaman, was afterwards married to a Carpenter, and at laſt carried away by a Spirit, the manner how ſhall presently be recited."

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