Whithe whouse bleuiwx

General InformationEdit

Performer: Charlie Poole and The North Carolina Ramblers
Instrumentation: Banjo-Charlie Poole, Fiddle-Posey Rorer, Guitar-Roy Harvey
Date of recording: 1926
Record label: Columbia
Serial #: 15099D (W142658)


(As summarized by Harry Smith, The Anthology Of American Folk Music) "McKINLEY SWEARS, MOURNS, DIES. ROOSEVELT GETS WHITE HOUSE AND SILVER CUP" (5).

Information On This SongEdit

This Ballad tells the story of the assassination of president William McKinley on Sept. 6, 1901.


Poole's rendition is an amalgamation of this ballad and Cannonball Blues. The line "Drinking out of a silver cup" is also found in some variations of Delia

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